Thursday, November 29, 2012


Most mountaineers and alpine climbers know and understand that mountaineering is type 2 fun. For those that have not heard this mentioned before, it means that its not fun until your objective is over and you are back in the comforts of civilization. Many times mountaineering just feels like downright suffering. Mountaineering involves, extreme physical exertion, poor often dangerous weather, mind numbingly boring logistics, and very few comforts. This is before factoring in the difficulty and commitment of the chosen route. Now I'm not going to get into what drives climbers too pursue this sport or how it can affect your life, thats a completely different discussion for another time. What I will bring up is that out of all those things I mentioned, only one can really be controlled by the participant and that is their physical fitness. When one is fit and has no nagging injuries, the whole experience can be made more enjoyable. I have a few friends who have some of these nagging issues and it really tests their mental toughness every trip. If you love the mountains as much as me, love them more, get in shape and work on fixing those nagging issues. Maybe the man in this video can inspire you.

Happy training and good luck!

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